Round the Coasts of Britain in Children's Books

Area 1 Tyne to Humber

Area 2 Humber to the Wash

Area 3 Wash to the Thames + Broads

Area 4 Thames to Dover

Area 5 Kent, East Sussex,West Sussex

Area 6 Hampshire,Dorset,West Sussex

Area 7 Devon and Cornwall to Landsend and Scilly

Area 8 Landsend to Bristol

Area 9 Bristol to Llandudno

Area X 10 From Llandudno to Liverpool

Area X 11 Liverpool to Carlisle + Isle of Man

Area X 12 From Carlisle to Glasgow

Area X 13 Glasgow to Ullapool Western Isles

Area X 14 Ullapool to the Forth + Orkneys + Shetlands

Area X 15 Forth to the Tweed

Area X 16 Tweed to the Tyne

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wales-Cardiff-MIlford Haven

Nat Thomas and the boys from the 'Havannah' sail along the estuary on a training cruise. When the boat is damaged they put it in to Pembroke Dock for repairs. Nat and the boys stay in the army fort on the island, where they see lights one night.
Nat is once more at the centre of an adventure. The older boys from the industrial ship, The Havannah, set sail for Pembrokeshire but their boat is damaged in a storm. Camping out on a military fort on craggy Thorne Island while the boat is being repaired, Nat and his friends hope to enjoy themselves, but watching out for smugglers turns out to be a serious business.

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